MdATAI Organizational Representative – Greg Russell

ACTAR Board Members:
Chairman – Mark Wright, Ontario Provincial Police
Vice Chair – Ron Sanders, Seattle Police Department
Secretary – David Benn, Impact Reconstruction Consultants
Treasurer – Arnold Wheat, Accident Reconstruction Services, Inc.

General Information

ACTAR has currently accredited more than 1300 individuals with more than 150 others approved to take the exam. ACTAR’s income and expenses have remained consistent for the past five years and no change in any fee structure is foreseen. ACTAR continues to expand its exam database for both the written and practical portions of the examination. The GBOD recently completed a year- long review and update of the written exam question database and instituted robust quality control practices. A new crash test will be conducted each year to supplement the practical exam portion. Multiple data recording and acquisition methodologies and technologies are now routinely used to insure the quality and accuracy of the exam data.

Analysis of the exam pass/fail rate after implementation of the restriction on the use of computers revealed a modest drop in the rate of passing scores for the practical portion of the exam. It is unclear whether the decrease in passing scores was related solely to the restriction on computers or a combination of that change and the introduction of new exams. An analysis of the exam reviews provided to candidates still tends to indicate that reconstructionists who possess a solid understanding of the basics perform better and have fewer difficulties taking the exam.

A policy was instituted wherein CEUs will generally be granted on an hour-for-hour basis negating the need to factor in hourly percentages. Basically, each 45 minutes of contact may be credited one CEU. The number of CEUs awarded for formal education, such as applicable college classes, was also increased. Successful completion of a college level course may be eligible for up to 15 CEUs per credit hour. In addition, research papers may be submitted for CEU credit and may be eligible for as many as 20 CEUs. CEU credit is evaluated by a committee within ACTAR and is contingent upon adequate documentation being submitted by the party requesting the CEUs.

The entire GBOD meets annually each Spring.

The Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) has been providing accreditation for motor vehicle collision reconstructionists for more than 20 years. ACTAR has accredited crash reconstructionists throughout the US, Canada and several other countries. MdATAI is one of 24 participating organizations currently comprising the ACTAR Governing Board of Directors. Of these organizations, six represent law enforcement agencies and two are educational institutions.

For the ACTAR administrative office, call, write or email –
P.O. Box 1493
North Platte, NE 69103-1493
(800) 809-3818

ACTAR’s public contact person is Greg Vandenberg who can be reached at the address/phone above or via the ACTAR website. MdATAI or any other ACTAR board representative may be also be contacted with questions or concerns. Additional information is available from the ACTAR website at



The ACTAR website ( is continually updated and is available to answer many questions regarding accreditation.  Visitors to the website can find information related to:

  1. Exam dates
  2. Accreditation renewal
  3. Accreditation Overview
  4. CEUs (Continuing Education Units)
  5. Accreditation Directory
  6. State accident report overlays and code sheets
  7. ACTAR merchandise (stuff for your office)

CEUs and Accreditation Renewal

Accreditation renewal is $120 plus applicable CEU fees.  The CEU fees remain unchanged at $1/CEU for ACTAR pre-approved CEUs and $3/CEU for training or courses not pre-approved by ACTAR.  This means is that the total renewal fee is $200 for an individual who attained their 80 CEUs through the attendance of courses or conferences that obtained ACTAR CEU pre-approval.

What is ACTAR CEU pre-approval?  Any organization or entity presenting a conference or training on subject matter related to collision investigation or reconstruction can submit an outline of the proposed training to ACTAR who will determine the number of CEUs for which the presentation can qualify.  Pre-approval is the term used when the presentation is reviewed and CEUs determined prior to the presentation of the training.  Organizations may also present their material to ACTAR after their presentation for CEU approval.  If the organization received CEU approval from ACTAR, the course will qualify as ACTAR CEU approved training.

Pre-approval of course material is free, however, there is a fee when the CEUs are to be awarded to attendees.  Conferences and training presented or sponsored by an ACTAR participating organization pay $25 regardless of the number of attendees who receive CEUs.  Non participating entities pay a fee of $5/attendee receiving the CEUs.  To be granted CEUs, the presenting or sponsoring organization must forward a roster of attendees who are to be awarded CEUs along with the required fee.  If you attend a course, inquire whether ACTAR CEUs are offered and if so, be certain you are on the roster.

Even if the course, training or conference you attended does not offer ACTAR approved CEUs, any training related to accident investigation/reconstruction can qualify for CEU credit.  Just submit an outline or curriculum for the course to ACTAR who will review the material and determine the number of CEUs for which it qualifies.  The $3/CEU fee will then be imposed for each CEU you wish to apply to renewal.

For additional information, visit the ACTAR website or contact ACTAR at: P.O. Box 1493, North Platte, NE 69103-1493 / 800-809-3818

Exam Preparation Kit

If you would like assistance with preparing for the ACTAR exam, the editor of the Accident Reconstruction Journal and Accident Investigation Quarterly has developed an accreditation exam preparation kit.  The kit, which sells for $99, is designed to help candidates with the preparation and taking of the ACTAR accreditation exam.  For more information contact Vic Craig at or (301) 843-1371.  A discount on the purchase price of the kit is available to MdATAI members.

(Note:  The exam preparation kit was developed independent of ACTAR and although not specifically endorsed by ACTAR, ACTAR does not discourage the use of independent preparatory resources.)